Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Blast from the Past.

As my first post on the blog, I thought it might be nice to post some photographs I took a couple of years ago. Looking back at them I really do not like some of them, however here are a few that I still enjoy to look at. Taken from my old flickr: thefaceofcinderella

Let's give these some leeway though, they were taken on a terrible point and shoot camera, and some of them are completely unedited due to at the time not having that resource.
I have also edited the old images how I would now like them to look. There's actually only very subtle differences, but I do prefer them.

Original In the forest of dreams

New In the forest of dreams

Original Fairy Tales and Castles

New Fairy Tales and Castles

Original Paint the Roses Red

New Paint the Roses Red

Original Red Berries

New Red Berries

Original Colour Pop Red Berries

New Colour Pop Red Berries

Original Burning Candle

New Burning Candle

The Castle Keep

Fairy Bridge

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